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The Short Story


Martini Brunch is a food love story between Brooke and Charlie Martini. Once upon a time, these two food industry lifers decided to take a leap and open their own establishment. Charlie has well over 30 years of kitchen and food experience, including a stint on the Food Network (see Anne Burrell's Chef Wanted) and Brooke has been tending bar and running front of house for over 15 years. Together they've dreamt up many food plans but Martini Brunch just seemed to be the right first step, and what Mount Vernon desperately needed.


Nearly everything you'll eat is made in house by scratch because we believe that cooking and creating is love and you can taste the difference. We don't take ourselves too seriously, though; this is party brunch with glittery mimosas and "extra" takes on classic comfort dishes! Get the Honeycomb Toast, don't forget your FU and try the specials, they are always our favorite dish.



Martini Brunch is a safe space; it's painted right on the windows. What does that mean? That means it's a space where discrimination and harassment are simply not welcome and not tolerated. We wine and dine theys, folks of all color, and people who are coming to have a good time. Love and acceptance of one another are paramount in our restaurant! When you provide food to someone, that's love, and that is just what we do. 

Oh, and we like to have a little fun while we're at it.


We believe that the best food comes from our neighbors and is grown right here in Skagit Valley. We prioritize focusing our menus on fresh, local produce and meats. To date we've worked (and continue to work with) The Skagit Valley Food Co-op, Waxwing Farm, Santucci Farm, Skinny Kitty Farms, Andal's Meats, and Del Fox Meats to name a few. We strive to showcase the beauty and bounty of Washington state as well as to bolster the "smaller" purveyors. Keeping our money local and voting with our dollar is paramount. 

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